Monday, August 11, 2008

mystery kittehs

wut iz dat??!!!??? U might ask. Why dat is Maddie's fluffy pantaloons, and her tail of doom, caught in a blurry wave. Looks rather like an alien fur creature, come to eatted U all up.

Ripley isn't impressed.


Silver Ross said...

Oh Alien Fur Creature, do come eat me all up! Please, please!!!

Ur Tail O'Doom sways in the rhythm of the tango, ravishing my heart.

Ur fluffy pantaloons are [deleted], and [deleted],
enchanting my soul!

Silver, faithful and true fan

Silkey Ross said...

What is it with Haloscan censoring my brother's poetry?

So a lady's pantaloons are sexy. Humans must be protected from this good news?

Silkey, indignant fan

Plum Pudding said...

J'adore les frères ross!

Oh Susannah said...

Plum Pudding said...
J'adore les frères ross!

Me too! If they should ever find a worm hole to this part of the country, I would go out and buy big shrimpies to celebrate meeting them. One so rarely meets puddys that write poetry and felinerotica!

Teh Quimby Boyz said...

Hai 4Legs,

Da Ross boyz R gettin 2 wild!

Watch for teh wormhole. We halps U.

Culture of TrÜth said...

Ripley iz lade bak

grandefille and HarryCat said...

The Trubble with Trib ... er, Tails o' Doom! Or maybe it's Ms. Maddie's tribute to the Sesame Street Yip Yip Martians.

Eeek! Tee hee.

But they are always Beautemous Plusheh Gurlz, even when blurred and unimpressed, respectively.

We salute you, Gurlz and Centaur! Tails UP, everyone!

-- grandefille and HarryCat, smilingly