Sunday, August 10, 2008

When U clean up dis new place??

I not noes, kittehs, I not noes.


Plum Pudding said...

it's so bright at the new place!!!

i've got something for Oh NOES!!

there's a joke there, i'm sure of it!

Polly said...

Little furbags who shed most of the material that forms dust bunnies have no call to criticize the housecleaner.

And that lovely hardwood floor looks quite clean. Uppity gurlz, are they?

Anonymous said...

Is that a balconey?

Buckeye, Dealer of Rare Coins

TheOtherWA said...

A half pipe to rest in. Sunny spots on the floor to bask in. Hidey holes on shelves. What more could plushy kittehs want?

Scritches and adoration from their fans, of course. There's no shortage of that!

Hope you're settled in soon.

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Congratulations on the new digs!

Beautiful new light patterns in which to photograph the girlz.

Hope you manage to settle in quickly.

How did the girlz react to the actual moving experience (in carriers, I assume?) My two Siamese used to yodel like I was torturing them whenever I had to pack them into the carriers.

Oh Susannah said...

HAH! You never know how much kittehs shed until you have a houseful of hardwood floors! DBs (dust bunnies) form battalions to parade for visitors and you start searching Ebay for books on how to spin wool for sweaters from kitty fur bits. Just think of DBs as energy efficient home insulation.

Any sign the Ross Boys have realigned the worm hole yet? Wood floors should be good for tango dancing and spin the mousie games.

Lucky Ripley gets nice window for her halfpipe and Maddie gets her nappy couch in a sunny spot. Hope Centaur is comfy too. Happy New Home!

Anonymous said...

I like how u made room for kitteh storage right next to what looks like teh iron storage.
Gud planning.


Silkey Ross said...

Oh Susannah, Ma'am

WE are working hard on the realignment. It'd help if the Centaur would unpack Maddie's particle accelerator. Maddie doesn't want to bother her kittenslave abt it cause she's working so hard.

Mlle. Madeleine is as considerate as she is beautiful. (Silver made Me put that in.)

Silkey, faithful and true fan

four legs good said...

flory, that wasn't an iron, that's a kitchenaide hand mixer.

She was inspecting the insides of all the kitchen cabinets. Just in case.

Buckeye, yes, a small terrace.

four legs good said...

Oh, and they handled the move pretty well. We ended up carrying them upstairs because the movers showed up without calling and Maddie refused to be stuffed into her now too small sherpa bag.

Anonymous said...

Buckeye, yes, a small terrace.

2:54 AM

Have they been able to explore the terrace? I notice nice trees out there, hopefully lots of birds and other creatures to entertain them.

I just noticed that in the top pic you caught Maddie either doing aerobics or cleaning herself. I''m sure she was thrilled.

Buckeye, Dealer of Rare Coins

zoe said...

Awww. They look comfortable already! Welcome to your new home. Many happy days there.

four legs good said...

Thanks everyone.

I haven't let them out on the terrace. The trees are awfully close, and I'm afraid Ripley would leap out there.

They seem happy enough watching the birdies, peoples, cars, doggies on walks and other assorted creatures wandering by.

Plus, lots of room to romp.

War On War Off said...

Nice new kitteh place, fourlegs! Yeah, I don't let Maxxine out on the balcony unless I'm holding onto her. It's hilarious when an unsuspecting hummingbird flies up and is practically nose to nose with her. The birdies then look at me with disgust. "I thought you were an okay human, but now I see you have a CAT!"