Friday, August 01, 2008

Okay, I am tired, so.....

So U must make do wif some old pictures.

Wut U mean we wuz "locked out"?? iz not rite!!

false poztivs sounds skeery...

I not noes "spam blog" wut U mean, blogger??

doan maek me come nom U!!


Donna Marie said...

teh cutest kitz evah!!'

Silkey Ross said...

Oh please come Nom ME, beautious Ripley!!!1

I would be delighted to feel ur fangs in my fur … the very thought makes my claws tingle!

Silkey, eager fan

zoe said...

Silkey is at it again, Watch out girls! That old slippery day he is definitely goin' over the line. Beware.

By the way, Centaur. I love old, new any ol' pictures of the girls. Makes my day.

Plum Pudding said...

Centaur, you moved...but are you still stuck in Texas or have you escaped that "thing" as well?

And, is there an enclosed balcony for the girls to go outside? (we don't want to give them total liberty, those girlz would go wild!)

but... it would be nice to see the girls in natural light :-)

Silver Ross said...

Plum Pudding, Ma'am
Cats can be safe on a not-enclosed balcony.

Silkey and I occasionally jump up on our balcony railing to eat a tasty flower, or sweet allysum. But we quickly get down, cause the damned hummingbirds are protecting their feeders.

The space between the bottom of the railing and the deck is high enough to stick our heads out to watch passing squirrels and cats and birdies. Life is good!

Silver Cat

Anonymous said...


U go nom. Teh eveel "google" hoomans deserve it. Blocking teh blogs.



TheOtherWA said...

Blogger's been dumb and causing all kinds of problems for all kinds of people. Glad you're all fixed up now.

Old pictures are good. Your girlz were always gorgeous and always will be.

grandefille and HarryCat said...

The only things as wonderful as archived photos of teh Plusheh Gurlz are new photos of teh Plusheh Gurlz. We are content, regardless, as long as we know all are well at Plusheh Planet HQ! Thank you, Centaur, for checking in occasionally in the midst of the madness. We are forever grateful to you.

Continuing to send good wishes and cooling breezes to all. Now if we could just wiggle our noses and put everything away for you ...


grandefille and HarryCat

(P.S. -- Come with us to the dark side, to Wordpress. It is your destiny!)

four legs good said...

i haz no time to play with new blog software right now.

mebbe next month