Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Those silleee kittehs

Sorree, new pics coming, just crazy busy at work.

The girls are loving the new digs. Many big windows to look out of and more square footage to romp through.


Ramona Quimby said...

Yay! Kittehs are bak! Do they has bird feederz in dere new home?

zoe said...

welcome back girlz!!!!happy years in your new home!!!!

Silkey and Silver Ross said...

We are on to U, Centaur, Ma'am!

U put up that kitteh pron to distract Silver an ME from demanding new pix of our adored Plushy Gurlz.

It might've worked, xcept we got into a knock-down drag-out over whose delicious tummy that is. I know my lovely Ripley when I see her tummy!

So our human made us stop fighting. Jeez, talk abt control freak.

Now Silver an ME are cooperating. Cooperating in making picketing type signs, reading "MORE PLUSHY PIX", "NEED NEW PIX', "FREEDOM FOR PLUSHY GURLS"!

We'll be seeing U, Centaur, Ma'am.

Silkey an Silver, lonely fans

TheOtherWA said...

Happy move! Yay!

Silkey and Silver, ask your human for a little catnip. You two need to mellow out a little. The Plushy Girlz are fine and will be seen in new pictures very soon. It's gonna be ok. Really. :)

four legs good said...

birdie feeders aren't hung yet, but we are on teh second floor with a big tree outside, and teh birdies come to visit anyway.

anyhoo, I'm going to hang a hummingbird feeder for teh girls.

That's their housewarming present. Doan tell!!

War On War Off said...

anyhoo, I'm going to hang a hummingbird feeder for teh girls.

Yay...they're going to really enjoy it! Maxxine lurves watching 'em. Here's a good site for hummingbird info.

grandefille said...

Happy happy Plusheh Gurlz!

Happy happy Centaur!

Happy happy plusheh fanz!

It's all good, y'all. Congratulations on the new digs!