Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday kitteh blogging, teh return


Anonymous said...

dang, ripley is cute.
and what a tail, what a tail.

Ramona Quimby said...

Welcome back, 4Legs. And thanks for teh tail o'doom and much ruffaliciousness. Hope you are out of publishing hell (I know what that's like).

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Hiya 4lg,

Kittens look mahvelous!

I see you at swampland sometimes, now.

Interesting place. Not sure I trust those particular journamalists any farther than I could throw them, but still an interesting place.

Culture of Truth said...

Tail of Doooooooooom!!!!!

Silkey Ross said...

Hurrah!!! My adorable Kitteh Ladies are back!

Ladies, that bouncing dog isn't in ur backyard, is he?

I'hate to see U forced to put up with such a pushy character.

Silkey, delighted fan

TheOtherWA said...

Squeeee! The plushiest, most ruffilicious kittehs have returned.

All is right with the world. Well, it will be after the election and we have President Obama. But things are good tonight. :)

Silver Ross said...

Mlle. Madeleine, my Darling Maddie … I need your advice.

There's a problem with my human. She isn't petting me with the dedication that I used to enjoy. All I get is a scritch under the chin, a scratch behind the ear, a few stokes down the spine.

The last few evenings she's been watching these boring humans on the TV. The droning, the whining, the screechy insults from this woman with the outmoded hair style. It was horrible!

I encouraged her to turn to grooming Me, as this is so soothing for the kittenslaves. But she did such a poor job that I've given up on her. Tonight she turned off the TV, and is reading a book.

She isn't petting Me at all!

Dearest Maddie, could you pop over this weekend and comfort Me? Or let Me come to You, if the Centaur is going out?

Thank Ceiling Cat I can reach You again!!1

Silver, lonely fan

Karin said...

Ripley still has such a baby face.
They're both kittylicious!

Anonymous said...

Ruffs and Sunbeams!
Happy to see the girls again. :-D


Polly said...

Four Legs, excellent of you to get that lovely hardwood floor for the gurlz.

Slippery wood is teh best for batting toy mousies about.

That last pic of Ripley is one of your very best. She is just heart-clutchingly cute.

Anonymous said...

Glad you've managed to crawl out of deadline hell.

And teh gurlzz iz a kute as ever.

ur sister

four legs good said...

No, still kind of in deadline hell.

can see the tunnel out though.

four legs good said...

polly, yes, it's one of my favorites too.

She looks like that in person much of the time. such a funny, curious, busy little girl.

War On War Off said...

I call Maxxine's Tail o' Doom "Taily Tail." This morning it got in my toes' way while I was opening a can and I accidentally pulled a couple of tufts out. "OH NOES...POOR TAILY TAIL!!!" I picked her up and gave her a big kitteh hug...and all was well again.

Polly said...

War On War Off

Maxxine does that on purpose. The furries all learn early "Making your human feel guilty = more scritches and pets."

Despite Maxxine's blissfully innocent expression (learned from Ripley?) she has a truly feline devious brain.

You know they are still planning on taking over the Earth. Right?

Caminante said...

gorgeous kittehs and so glad they're back.