Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I want to thank all the faithful plushy-ites who have been coming here faithfully, everyday, to get their plushy fix, only to find that your host is still stuck in publishing hell.

My apologies - I had hoped I would be able to dig myself out a little sooner. Never fear! the girls are fine (though a little sad that I am working so much, Ripley is developing separation anxiety), I've just been getting home too late (often after 8:00 or 9:00 pm) and been too tired to take pictures. In spite of the girls natural beauty, it's a time consuming activity.

In the mean time, here's some Maxx to tide you over (one of my all time favs). And please, make a centaur happy - give what you can to the Obama campaign. If you can't give money, give some time, or register to phone bank (you can do it from your home! technology!!) or talk to your neighbors.

Please, do what you can to pitch in. Winning this fall isn't going to be enough. We need to CRUSH them and grind them under our heels (figuratively, of course). We need to make sure they know that when we say, "ENOUGH!!" we mean it.

BTW, let me know what you're doing in comments. After a mere hour of watching the RNC this evening, I was ready to take a hostage.

And not in a good way.

Get your torches and your pitchforks ready, and let's take back our fucking country.


Polly said...

Welcome back, Four Legs.

I couldn't help yelling "Liar" at the TV … at the convention Rethugs, I mean. This scared my furry guys, so I turned the sound down, except for when Keith and Rachel were on.

I pity the poor Rethugs efforts to make a silk purse from the sow's ear that is Gov. Palin. They are spinning so fast and lying so heartily that … that I can't find a metaphor or snark to describe it.

Some pundits are getting info from the liberal blogs. I read the blogs in the CA morning, and am hearing bits of info from them on the evening (EDT) cable news shows.

On Charlie Rose's PBS program tonight, Al Hunt (Bloomberg News) relayed a story from reporter Laura McGann ( about the City Clerk in Wassila, AK. She posted it online, it's the only way he could have heard it. Hunt did not attribute it to her. The skunk.

Story is that McGann was sent to AK, went to Wassila to get city records of Palin's six years as mayor. The Clerk told McGann she was the first person to ask for info abt Palin!

McCain's campaign claims they had 25 people vetting Ms. Palin! But not in Wassila where she got her first ten years of political experience screwing up a tiny town of less than 6000 people.

Anonymous said...

Lion Kitty Maxx!
What a nice sight to see this morning. ^..^
I'm doing my best to completely ignore television coverage of the RNC. It's bad enough that it's right down the road(s) from me. Ick.
I get my stuff from the blogs. It's more dependable.
I'm also babysitting my sister's giant tuxedo cat this week. Yay, Isaiah!

Plum Pudding said...

oh Maxx! Oh how we miss you!

please send good vibes from your comet to Obama so he can win BIG. Your Centaur's country needs it!

Merci Maxx


Poopyman said...


And his peep, too. Best boy evah.

I am avoiding listening to anything from the convention because I know I'd start ranting. On the drive in this AM I heard the CBS News say that "Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman" had addressed the Repubs. This resulted in a stream of Lewis Black-like physical spasms coupled with a loud stream of profanity. All at 70 mph. Not good, so I'm staying away from it.

Don't have the time to help the Obama campaign, so money will have to do.

Take care of yourself, Centaur!

zoe said...

Maxxx!!! What the king of plushy-tude! Still miss the boy, the boy responsible for my now daily fix.

Yes, send those powerful thoughts down here for Obama. We mortals are doing our part.

SIlkey and Silver Ross said...

We can pay our respects to Uncle Maxx too, right?

Cause Silver and Me know he is the model for everything good that a gentleman kitteh should be. And he's Up There with Ceiling Cat, bless Her.

Lizzy said...

Not in a good way, indeed - I lost it with the republican somebody - head of communications? something, who said that Barak Obama is the LEAST qualified individual ever to run for the presidency... Where do they find these people who are content to devote their life energies to LYING?

Silkey Ross said...

Ripley Sweetfoots, I hear that ur terrified by the Vacooom Monster.

Oh darling Gurl, I understand how U feel! I do. When I was very young, I thought the Vacuoom would eat me. Even I, a big brave hulk of a cat, was scared!

But I've learned over time that our kittenslaves control the Monster. Our human hardly ever threatens to let It eat Silver or Me. I don't think she would actually do it. Unless I was reaaly bad …

Ur Centaur takes good care of U gurlz, U seem to have her firmly under ur furry paw. No reason to be afraid the Centaur will let U get caught by the Monster.

Silkey, loving U from afar

Ramona Quimby said...

Do take care of yourself, 4Legs. We love pics of Maxx and reruns of the gurlz until you have time for new ones. We can wait.

But we can't wait until November 4!
Barack, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha--our new first family!

Polly said...

I hate Republicans.
I hate the way they are carried away by cliches and ancient lies.
I hate the way they go after "red meat" like famished hyenas.
I hate the way they try to sway to music like pillows stuffed with lard.
I hate the way they slurp up vitriolic ridicule and spit out sneering contempt.
I hate the way Republicans' filthy feet trample Democracy in the spirit of "Anything goes as long as we win."

Sarah Barracuda is the vile expression of all of the above.

four legs good said...

polly, I hate them too.

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Hi, guys! 4Legs - thanks for a Maxx fix. He's my plushy hero!

For those of you who hate Republicans (and I have to agree with you - where have their brains gone?), you might take heart from someone like me. I was a Republican for 25 years, then got laid off after 20 years with a multi-national petroleum company where I worked on the PAC paying Republicans and Democrats equally, depending upon what legislation was wending its way through the Congressional pipeline that might favor oil companies. At age 17 I was a Goldwater Republican and a John Birch member, parroting the family party line.

When I reached my forties (and after getting laid off and suffering consequences I hadn't ever experienced) I joined several study groups and ended up turning to the Green Party. Then finally to the Democrat party when I realized uniting with a large party would bring more bang for the buck.

For 20 years I was stuck in a Republican echo chamber, but once I got out I began thinking for myself and saw the light.

I can't believe I'm unique -- there have to be many more people who get caught up in the currents of a downward spiral and realize the Republicans have lied to them all their lives.

So take heart - some of those Republican you hate may turn out to be some of the Democrats in your future! We can hope!

War On War Off said...

Maxxine pooped last night during Caribou Barbie's rant. Maxx would be so proud!

BlakNo1 said...


Polly said...

War On War Off

How abt we call her SarahBarracuda?

Caribou Barbie is good, too. Tho caribou are beautiful animals. Why insult them?

Caminante said...

How can y'all watch those thieves and liars even with plushy furrs all around? You are a lot braver (or insane than I).

Just gave $$$ to Obama's campaign tonight.

And there's dear Maxx. Can he send some sort of cosmic sign to the crazies that will keep them from voting in McPalin?

Polly said...


Maxx surely has lots of moxie, being so close to Ceiling Cat and all.
But to be able to influence the Rethug crazies like that is probably too much to ask of one beatified Kitteh fellow.

God Herself obviously doesn't know what to do with them. Sending a giant flood just kills elderly people trapped in their attics.

War On War Off said...

How abt we call her SarahBarracuda?

Years ago I saw Sandra Bernhardt and the Butthole Surfers do a rousing cover of "Barracuda." Sadly, there seems to be no YouTube of it on teh internets.

Polly said...


Is it true that "Barracuda" was included in the closing music at the Rethug convention?

Were they celebrating SarahBarracuda? Or just too dumb to connect her Alaskan nickname with music?

War On War Off said...

Is it true that "Barracuda" was included in the closing music at the Rethug convention?

Yep. And Heart's Ann and Nancy Wison have now issued a "Cease and Desist" order against them!

Were they celebrating SarahBarracuda? Or just too dumb to connect her Alaskan nickname with music?

Oh, you know, they thought it was clever. Heh.