Wednesday, September 24, 2008

STunts R Bad

I'll dee baitz him!!

Wut? why U runz away, McSame?

R...U.... CHIK KUN????


MasterD, damn yankee said...

Maddie's got my vote!


Polly said...

WTTF? McSame's trying to back out? WTF!!!

Maddie would win that debate with one paw ties behind etc.

Can she wear her tiara at the debate? And a little diamond pendant around her neck?

Silver Ross said...

Oh! That rosebud pink tongue!!!

Come dee baitz ME, darling Maddie! Dee lite Me, dee lurv Me, dee nude Me, dee lux Me!

In deedy, do anything your furry little heart desires, as long as you do it to Me.

Rosebud tongue,
Lascivious tongue,
Succulent tongue,
Succubus Pussy.

Silver, prostrate before Beauty

sekmet said...

The Tongue of Terror! McCain flees!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Silver Ross! You are a randy little poet, aren't you?

Now if I could only find your hoomin counterpart.... ;->

Ramona Quimby said...

My, my, Silver Ross! Cool down!

Oh Susannah said...

CHIK KUN is good for kittehs, not for prezidents.

Betcha McDeadOldBrain must have gotten muddled in his debate prep and his puppeteers panicked and ran around in circles like headless Chik Kuns. Silly them! They didn't lose their heads--they were just up their arses!

This seems very much like a guy leaving a message for his college professor saying he can't take the final exam because his Grandma just died. Again.

Bwak! Bwak bwak bwak!!!

Caminante said...

Chikkun... finish the sentence.

War On War Off said...

Maddie iz Bad Ass!

Anonymous said...

Everytime I see that top picture, I read it as "I'll dee ballz him"...and I think.....OKAY, Maddie!!!


theyankeesquirrel said...

That's right Maddie... lick them chops... yur ready for yur deh baitz!

And yur more nice to look at, too.

Denise & Natalie Maines Coon Cat