Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate Night

Wut? no new picchurs? and wut U mean dat old man McCrashy be on mah teevee tonite?

Dat not B gud...

Nevermind dat. I haz a juggle. Iz fun!

U callz me when ol grummpy stoopit man is offa mah teevee.

We can haz birdie watching!

Sorry, been one of those days. And weeks. I'll try to get some new pictures up later.


Polly said...

Details, give us details of the birdie watching at your new place.

Have you had time yet to hang a finch feeder, or hummer feeder?

Do finches stay all winter there, or go further south?

Assure the Gurlz that old McGrumpy does not eat kittehs. At least, I don't think he does ….

Ramona Quimby said...

Iz ok, 4Legs. We lieks old pitchers, too, especially Maddie's Wut? and disapproving looks.

Woody, Gordo, Jackson and I are ready to do our happy dance tonight after teh debate. We noes who will WIN!

four legs good said...

we haz birdies all year round.

hung a feeder a couple of weeks ago. birdies haz found it and are nomming daily.

iz gud

Caminante said...

Did U kittez HISSSS at dat teevee at the stupidities of dat old geezer, McLying?

Culture of Tr√úth said...

OMG that first pic made me laugh out loud.

That look on her face is so funny.

pseudonymous in nc said...

4lg, pls to be telling us what percentage of the day Maddie is surprised at teh wurld?

four legs good said...

pseudonymous, all the hours that she is awake.

grandefille said...

U callz me when ol grummpy stoopit man is offa mah teevee.

And leave a message for us, too, please. We will be out in the yard chasing squirrels. And looking at birdies in the trees, who taunt us a lot.

Here's hoping (and working to ensure) ol grummpy man has Maddie's expression in Photo No. 1 on Wednesday, Nov. 5. And Mister Obama haz Wheeeee!

Hugz to teh Plushez and their Centaur!

love from grandefille and HarryCat

War On War Off said...

Hummer birdies will soon be gone unfortunately. Seeing fewer and fewer as they're mostly headed to Mexico for the winter. A few stragglers might remain, and of course they'll all be a comin' back in late February and March.

Took Karmina to the vet this morning...I'd noticed some bumps on her chin. Turns out it was just feline acne, and a pimple that had gotten slightly infected. I was *so* relieved, as I was thinking my worst scenario thoughts as usual. Got some antibiotics, and will be putting a little hydrogen peroxide on the pimple, and she'll be just fine.

Karin said...

It's been 4 days since teh debate. Are the plushies still hiding under the bed?

War On War Off said...

Mooselini "debates" tomorrow...oh noes! Run! Hide!

Oh Susannah said...

Maddie's 'Whut?' face will be the perfect commentary on Mooselini's debate performance... She could become a famous poster kitteh!

Silkey Ross said...

Ripley, Sweetfoots, please call me on the KittehNet. I cannot stand not being able to talk to U, miss U sooo much!

Oh, and reverse the charges. I'm flush right now, or soon to be.

Some of that $700 billion the humans are tossing around is coming to me! I made a few loans to some neighborhood catz, who then squandered the $ on organic catnip and fast-paced mice.

Their collateral turned into part of Atrios' "Big Shitpile", so I can't collect on it.

Georgie W. and his minions said I'm not responsible for the evildoers' bad debts, so he'll take them off my hands at face value. And I get to keep all the huge fees I charged just for making the bad loans in the first place!

Life is good!

Silkey, Fatcat fan (monetarily fat.)

Anonymous said...

Ur gonna need new debate night pitchers pretty soon.


four legs good said...

I noes.

Sorry peeps - I been working 2 muches again.

I tries to take new pics tomorrow.

Oh Susannah said...

Dear Mr. Silkey Ross:

I understand there may be positions available in your loan workout division and would like to forward my resume for your consideration. It would be an honor to work for such a smart fatcat for a change. In addition to my financial accumen and master's degree in feline massage, I would bring a case of kitteh treats and some ham to the position. I look forward to meeting with you soon.

War On War Off said...

and fast-paced mice.


An ACORN proxy, no doubt.