Thursday, October 02, 2008

pre-debate kittehs

what horrors await us tonight?


Plum Pudding said...

merci merci merci

5 minutes left in the debate...Palin is such a moron

Plush helps in calming me down.

encore merci

Oh Susannah said...

What did we learn tonight?

Alaska Barbie can be programmed to speak.


Thank goodness for plushy grlz pics!

Anonymous said...

It's really quite sad when even the talking points can't help Barbie. Also.


sekmet said...

My kitty stared at the tv screen with this wtf expression and then fled for the kitchen to get away from her screeching voice.

Anonymous said...

Another caturday.
No new pitchers.


Polly said...

It's a shame that the Plushy Gurlz have refused to allow photos as long as that scary McGrumpy is on their TV.
It's a shame Four Legs chose now to finish The Great American novel. Instead of giving opinions on the Very Important Issues of the Day. Like "What was the funniest thing abt Sarah Palin's debate performance?"
Did Maddie and Ripley go visit those randy Ross boys, and now they're too ashamed to show their pretty faces? Notice we haven't heard from the randycats lately either!

War On War Off said...

In other kitteh news, Maxxine has now learned how to open the sliding screen door. I've been letting her out on my back balcony lately, but only under strict supervision. I don't think she would jump off (nearest tree is a ways off), but I've got some plants she likes to nose and occasionally bite, like my pencil cactus and aloe vera. As they can be toxic, as soon as she starts to bite 'em I pick her up, say, "NO!" and bring her inside. She's almost learned not to bite them, as she wants to stay out as long as possible. When I brought her in on Sunday, she immediately opened the door and let herself out. Fortunately it has a lock, which I will be using from now on. ;)

Polly said...

War On War Off

Can Maxxine give lessons? Maybe online? I'm tired of opening the screen door for my two furbags, who would otherwise tear holes in the screen. Maxxine is such a clever gurl!

War On, what did you mean by "fast-paced mice" being "An ACORN proxy, no doubt" ? I've wracked my brain, thinking of Acorn as the voter registration group (one of George H.W. Bush's Thousand Points of Light).

Brain wracking is getting me nowhere.

War On War Off said...

Heya polly, was just being v. snarky with the ACORN comment. Last week the rethugs were using it as a smear technique...quite unsuccessfully, so they've BACK to Wright and Ayers, which never went anywhere either. ;)

Maxxine had been watching me carefully from day one, whenever I opened the door. She doesn't miss a thing.

War On War Off said...

Speaking of smart, savvy kittehs, my friend nash lost his Gypsy over the weekend. He pays her a beautiful tribute on his blog.

Oh Susannah said...


did you know you can buy a kitty door that you cut and fit into a screen door so less savy kittehs can go in/out by themselves? Easy to install too.

Silkey Ross said...

To Oh Susannah...

Ma'am, in the thread below U offered ur resume for "a position in (my) loan workout division." Ur offer is an honor, a thrilling honor!

Ur superb education (master's degree in Feline Massage) would make U a highly desirable addition to my staff. And that case of kitteh treats would be much appreciated.

Unfortunately, I'm winding down my loan business. Since Georgie W. is willing to buy my share of the Big Shitpile, I'm getting out while the getting is good.

If I could find a wormhole convenient to ur house, I would like to come discuss ur educational achievements with U. Does Feline Massage include scritchy-scratching and cooing at the massagee? I lurv that part.

Please believe that I am desolate at being unable to offer U a position in my (former) enterprise.

Silkey Cat Ross

Poopyman said...

My goodness! It's been so long since I've been here that I thought the title referred to tonight's (10/7) Preznitdental Debate. Ah well, the kittehs are looking good, anyhow.

WOWO's comment about Maxxine reminds me that Lily has become adept at escaping through human legs, and has no interest in getting caught by said pursuing humans. She loves to race up and down the yard. I just hope she doesn't develop the desire to run the street.

A bag strategically dropped on her head has somewhat dampened her enthusiasm lately. We'll have to employ that from time to time, I'm afraid.