Monday, December 01, 2008

PLushies return

Even centaurs need a break sometimes.


War On War Off said...

Maddie's all like, "Whut you brung me, huh, huh?"

TheOtherWA said...

Breaks R gud. So is returning! Glad UR posting agin.

Silkey Ross said...

Ripley Sweetfoots, look at the haiku I made for U!

Sweet praise flows to Ripley,
like nectar to honeybee.
She be a Honey!

How do ya like them apples, Plushy Gurl?

Silver an ME ignored our human for two whole hours when she finally returned to us poor abandoned kittehs. How long did U hold out?

Silkey, happy fan

four legs good said...

Ripley sez she likes UR haiku and that her centaur never left town so she wuzn't evah mad.

Plus she got lots of turkee!

Anonymous said...

'enkew. I iz missed teh gurlzz.

auntie flory

Silkey Ross said...

Her centaur never left town … so that's why Maddie wouldn't let us pop over for a visit. Generous souls like Silver an ME are glad the gurlz weren't lonely, and did not suffer for lack of attention, as we did.

Great thing! OUr human returned with a turkey carcass, bones with many kitteh-size meaty nibbles. So we've had some turkee, too.

The carcass will become "soup", which she says we'll really like. More turkee!

Silkey, well fed fan