Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tuesdai kittehs

My adoring public iz looking 4 me???

I'ze sleepies... I command cheetah ball to come to me!

Iz NOT obeying! U throw to me nao plze.

U still noes how to use dat camera thingee? U sur?


Hecate said...

What gorgeousness!

four legs good said...

They are pretty girls, eh?

Anonymous said...

they are beautiful. but the cheetah
ball looks suspiciously like a hair ball. the girlz don't have to make their own toys now, do they?

thanks for the pictures, 4lgs.


Anonymous said...

Teh gurlzz had all this time to hide teh flashy thingee and u found it anywayz?



zoe said...

Love the last pic. She looks so....regal. Yes, regal. Luv s me some girlie pics in the A.M. before a long day of work.

Auntie Meme said...

Cheetah ballz,
Cheetah balls,
Throw it to me plz,
If you don't,
I'll bit your toes,
And make you scream "Oh Noezzz!"

/kitten holiday tune

Adoring Public said...

Yes! Yes! Us adorers look for U always, gorgeous Maddie gurl!

The sight of ur freshly groomed fur makes our hearts beat faster. Ur sweet upturned face, ur sincere gaze, are heaven in our eyes!

Adoring Public

Polly said...

Auntie Meme gives us more Kitteh poetry.

This site is becoming the blog for kitteh poetic expression. Perhaps a name -change to Plush-Life and Poetry?