Friday, February 27, 2009


Maxxine is all grown up and ready to nom on some birdies. NOM NOM NOM!!


Polly said...

All grown up? Iz Maxxine allowed to have gentleman callers? Kitteh gentlemen, that iz?

Some of those amorous fellas who can't get near Ms. Ripley and Mlle. M. (for fear of teh Ross boys), have been waiting for pretty Maxxine to make her debut. Or so I've heard.

And hasn't the dear gurl become a Plushly furred pretty little thing? Her eye make-up itself shows her regal Egyptian ancestry.

pansypoo said...

i hope she is a hostage. i KNOW my hostages would have killed birds.

War On War Off said...

Maxxine's a bit of a loner like me, Polly, but the Ross boys are welcome anytime through the wormhole (now no huge parties, guys). She thanks you for the nice compliments!

pansypoo...she's an indoor kitty and when we go out on the balcony she is strictly supervised.

Hadn't had a bird feeder hanging in a while (they're so messy) but picked one up of those cages that look like a Borg spaceship, with the square blocks of seed (which is a little neater).

Am fixing to hang the hummingbird feeder (they're due any day now), and wanted her to get used to seeing birdies out there. She gets so excited! Don't want her to scare 'em off.

Thanks again for posting her picture, fourlegs.

four legs good said...

UR welcome.

Silkey and Silver Ross said...

OMG! Ripley Sweetheart and Mlle. Maddie, that wuzn't US making passes at lil Maxxine! Or paying her compliments, tho she's almost as pretty as U ladies.

We are faithful to U Gurlz, u know we are! That clumsy Human was referring to other amorous fellas who hang here to admire U Beauties. Other guys, not Silver an ME!

Like Simon and his bro, who might like to make a play for such a sweetheart as Maxxine.

We luv only Ripley and Maddie!!!

Silkey and Silver