Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday kittehs

It's a nice cool day in Austin - the girls have been scampering about like gigantic kittens.


Plum Pudding said...

...but they are gigantic kittens!

the most beautiful ones too!

Silkey and Silver Ross said...

OMG! Ripley Sweetheart and Mlle. Maddie, that wuzn't US making passes at lil Maxxine! Or paying her compliments, tho she's almost as pretty as U ladies.

We are faithful to U Gurlz, u know we are! That clumsy Human was referring to other amorous fellas who hang here to admire U Beauties. Other guys, not Silver an ME!

Like Simon and his bro, who might like to make a play for such a sweetheart as Maxxine.

We luv only Ripley and Maddie!!!

Silkey and Silver, anxious fans

[Anxious to have U know that we're faithful lovers.]

zoe said...

You girls are too beautiful for words! (But leave it to the Ross boys to always find the words!)

four legs good said...

They are pretty, aren't they?

Lately Maddie really looks like a big old CAT. She's getting even bigger.

War On War Off said...

Speaking of cute kittehs, did y'all see yesterday's Daily Kitten? She smiles just like Maxxine does, right before she attacks me. ;)

Am starting to think Ms. M might be more of a Weegie than a Maine Coon, as her hind legs are longer than her front, she's got a perfect equilateral triangle haid, and a thick, muscular neck. And of course the layered coats of plush and the broad, muscular chest. She looks like a Russian weight lifter when she walks!

Silkey Ross said...

It's Wednesday already, Wednesday.

Ripley, my Adorable One, what r U doing? Are U not allowing ur Centaur to photo U? Ur many fans look for U every day.

[Do U know if Junkos taste good? In between rain storms our human is feeding them. Maybe, just maybe … I could catch one!]

Silkey, lonesome fan

Silver Ross said...

Now we see the problem here. Your Centaur is spending time twittering, instead of minding her blog!

Birdies are supposed to twitter, not bloggers!

Gurlz, you must speak strongly to your kittenslave. You need more attention paid to You!

Silver, serious kitteh fellow

zoe said...


Silkey Ross said...

Zoe, Ma'am,
Twitter is a new website toy for humans and Centaurs. One has a page to post one's thoughts in 140 characters or less. 140 per post, so friends and enemies can keep up, follow U.

Four Legs' "Twitter Updates" are in a new sidebar at the right of this Plushy page. Click on the "follow me on Twitter" to see her Twitter page.

Twitter is the newest time-wasting toy from the Web. Time that could be used to pet a Cat, or walk a dog. Or work on one's blog! Harrumph

Silkey, pop culture Cat

Culture of Tr√úth said...

Best cat photographer erver!