Sunday, May 21, 2006

Reality Check

The headlines are all about Iraq's new unity government and we'll hear lots of pronouncements from chimpy this week on "progress" and "staying the course," but let's not forget what daily life looks like for the Iraqi people.

AP Karim Kadim, Saturday, May 20th

AP/Kalid Mohammed, Sunday, May 21st

Just a side note- most of the photos you see coming off the wire services in Iraq these days are taken by Iraqi photojournalists who work, at considerable personal risk, for the Associated Press. American journalists simply cannot travel outside the green zone without a military escort.

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Interrobang said...

Those are awful photographs. Thank goodness someone is around (and alive and working) to take them. Further, I hope the AP is paying them very well in whatever unit of currency from which they can derive the most use.