Saturday, February 17, 2007

Late night baby pics

Halloooooo!! Life is so surprising when you are a kitten.

She carries her feather on a stick all over the house. Teh funny.

Pouncing. She's good at pouncing.

I, alas, need a minion to assist me while I'm taking action photos of Maddie.


flory said...

ooohhh....she's got her big scary tail thing going there too.

Can't be too vigilant around those feather monsters....

virgotex said...

I could be wrong but she looks like she's going to be a pretty large grownup cat. She's got to grow into them big feets. The back ones are very funny (whispering so as not to embarrass her)

And oh I love it when they do that prey-carrying thing. Just like a big lion dragging an antelope.

Polly said...

Air Maddie pics are delightful. Her flying, all four feet off the floor, looks absolutely natural for a vigorous kitten.

I don't care if she's not quite all in the frame. That emphasizes her free flying ability.

We needn't worry abt embarrassing Maddie by noting her big feet. Every day, many times a day, Maddie is told that she's the most beautiful, most perfect, sweetest and cleverest kitten in the whole state of Texas.

Hence she is most secure abt her plushy beautiful big-footedness.

Buckeye, Dealer of Rare Coins said...

I'd assist, but I don't want to move to Texas, even if it is in Austin.

oldwhitelady said...

Aw!!! She really is a cute little baby. In that photo of her carrying her feathers, she looks like a little fox.
I know what you mean about needing minions to help. I'd like to take some good action shots with my kitties, but what I take is what I get.

cardamom said...

I agree with how great the actionMaddie™ shots are!

Complete joy. :)

four legs good said...

The back ones are very funny (whispering so as not to embarrass her)

Oh, she's embarrass proof. I tell her all the time that she has funny feeties and a silly face.

Her feet aren't really all that big for a maine coon. Zach's were much bigger and so were her littermate bother's.

Females get to be between 12-14 pounds, which is big enough.

Terry C said...

Cute as a button!

jenny from the blog said...

I remember when I truly fell in love with Lakshmi (shmi-shmi). She was about two when I adopted her from a rescue place (a few months after the heartbreaking loss of Willie, my 18 year boy kitty and constant companion), and even though they assured me she had been spayed, well, she went into heat the next week. oops!

I took her to be to be fixed shortly after, and that evening, thinking about her alone in the hospital after all she had been through -- coupled with the miniscule chance that something could go wrong with the surgery, well, that was the moment that my feelings for her went from *extreme like* to total love.

Apropos of nothing, just thought I'd share. :)