Thursday, May 31, 2007

Just for Watertiger

Ripley would like to help you destress. Here she demonstrates the proper technique for relaxing.

So she wants to know if she should send you a peep?


Anonymous said...

Oh, sure. Tigre gets relaxation techniques.
The rest of us get yelled at for whining.

Not fair.

I'm gonna tell mom.


watertiger said...

I wish I were a kidden. Such a life!

four legs good said...

Hey me too! Except for the food is kind of gross.

Polly said...

About photographing plushy tails … could you focus on just the tail?

Leave the rest of Maddie for another shot. We know she is attached to the tail. It's the magnificent luxuriance of the Tail that I'm curious about.

You can focus on little pink toes, so it's ok to look just at big plushy tails.

zoe said...

I think we should ALL send WT some peeps.......she doesn't have a plushy kitten and a chainsaw to make her happy, so maybe she just needs to be deluged with peepy love...

four legs good said...

zoe, that's an excellent idea.

Anonymous said...

I agree (well, on the Peeps for WT of course - but where does one find them past easter?) about the gross food, but then again, as wonderful and dignituded as they are, the kiddenz groom their nether-regions and posterior-portions w/their, truly - the food probably isn't soooo gross to them...?

zoe said...

you can find peeps for WT on her blog, under "you do not have to buy this for me" or somehting like that. It is on the left hand side, half way down