Friday, June 01, 2007

The Beast!!

The third animal that lives in my house.

And here's the rest of the cat. Her markings are quite dramatic, no?


Anonymous said...

Eek!! What is that critter??!?? It looks dangerous.


TheOtherWA said...

That tale is almost as big as she is!!!

Polly said...

That third beast appears to have two ends!

It's hair grows toward the left-side end, but another end type appears on the right!

A magical, mutant Tail with two ends!

On a more practical note, Maddie must be a great help with your housekeeping, as she can dust everything within her reach.

Anonymous said...

Lovely plushy tail! And look how big she's getting.


VictoriaB said...

Such an elegant kitty! Those markings are really something special, but then so is everything about Miss Maddie. It's a treat watching her grow up. She seems to have been born worldly-wise; her expression is always so .. knowing. Wisdom has a fluffy tail! And a really pretty face!

Peace, V.

four legs good said...

That tale is almost as big as she is!!!

It is, and it IS as big as Ripley.

Teh funny.

She's not wise at all. She still runs around with that surprised look on her face most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Teh Maddie!

The Kenosha Kid said...

Scout Prime posts videos of her cat. Just sayin.

four legs good said...

Scout Prime posts videos of her cat. Just sayin.

You are so asking for it.

taboo & whaleshaman said...


or as borat would say: WAWA-WEEWA

who needs, NO....who could possibly want videos after this display of wanton plushitude? certainly not us.

zoe said...

It's a Bird!
It's a plane!
NO!!!!!!!!It's a Maddie plushie tail!
Never in my life have I ever seen such a pplushieness tail...and beuatiful face.


Polly said...

….who could possibly want videos … certainly not us.

Just who you including in that "us", fellas?

The "us" in our house loved Scout Prime's video of her cat dancing.

Anonymous said...

Not to put pressure on our Centaur, who has a regular job, plus photographing various events and felines. And all the chores and errands of a life lived without a personal assistant.

Four Legs deserves a hassle-free weekend.

Four Legs deserves a spa date: bathing in perfumed water, currying, mane and tail curling, hoof trim and polish.

And naps.

four legs good said...

Fourlegs does not have a decent video camera and fourlegs hasn't had time to learn video editing software.

herding old cats said...

We used to have plushitude like that at our house. He also enjoyed howling, we have a two-story room and he loved the echo in there. Our Norwegian Forest cat was special, I hope he's riding the comet with Maxx.

ThePoliticalCat said...

4LG, there's a big ... spider or something in your house, and it's ATTACKING MADDIE!!! Oh, NOES!!1`11~!