Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Soul suckers

Bush said today:
"I'm deeply concerned about America losing its soul," Bush said.
Really? Perhaps you should think about doing something about the heartless, soul-sucking, radioactive, brain-eating, would like to be nuking somebody mother fucker who offices down the hall from you.

Okay, he was talking about immigration, but my point stands.

Via Froomkin.

Photo: Julie Jacobsen, Associated Press

Update: From the same column, also about the immigration meltdown on the republican side:
"An aide to one Republican senator who is usually a close White House ally said that Mr. Bush had questioned the patriotism of lawmakers who are concerned about granting amnesty to illegal aliens."
Welcome to our world, motherfuckers.


Anonymous said...

Why are you polluting this nice kidden blog with pictures of soul sucking alien lifeforms?


zoe said...

the froomkin article was very very good. yes, they are the original soul suckers

Terry C - End Bush's War Now! said...

WHAT would BUSH know about a SOUL?