Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday kitteh blogging

I haz nice ruff.

Dis fur is unruly. Halp!

Come home 4 legs!! (poor Ripley was pulling out all the cute stops to keep me from leaving for work this morning)

Bob Allen said he did wut cause of lightning? He iz big liar.


Gummo said...


zoe said...

awwwww, stay home!!!!

four legs good said...

Oh, I wish I could.

Poopyman said...

I woulda.

'Course, I gots 3 at home, and I didn't.


I shoulda.

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Hai, Ms. Ripley, you have the right here. Our kittenslaves are supposed to bow to our every meow!

But they do have to earn the money to buy our pate and feather monsters. So we have to let them go to work.

If u r lonesome, go start a fight with ur sister. That's what siblings r for!

Silkey, sensible fan