Friday, September 14, 2007

Extra kittenzzz 4 friday

Iz mah teddy bear.

I can haz cheezburger? (who can resist that face, oy)

I sees birdies outside. WANT!!

I haz many toesies.

Where'z mah milkrink??!!?? WANT!!


Plum Pudding said...

pink toesies are the cutest, true!

Polly said...

Yes to a tatoo of Comet Maxx.

Next question? Where will you put it?

It should be somewhere you can see it, cause it'll be a cheerful reminder of the darling boy.

That pic of the Tail O'Doom growing its own feet is kinda alarming. Is it growing so gigantic that it needs its own transportation now?

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Me, ME, ME
{jumps up, lashing tail abt. yowling for attention.}

I cannot resist Ms. Ripley's cute little face. I'll give her all the cheeseburgrs she wants, special little kitteh size ones. Made of minced mouse!

Happy Saturday, darling Ripley and Big Sis.