Sunday, September 16, 2007


Ripley is getting rather plump.

Maddie does *not* want to try out for the soccer team.

"I showz dis bear whoze boss."


Silkey Cat Ross said...

Darling Ms. Ripley,
OOh! Look at your PlushyTail™ stretched out beside your Sister's.

Though you are a few months younger, your tail is almost as plush as hers! Does Four Legs wear out many hairbrushes on you two?

And there seem to be a lot of white feetsies in your house. Even the Tail O'Doom's feetsies are white. [See post of Friday @4:01.]

I missed telling you how much I enjoyed the "Noir Chat" photo of you. You looked like a 1940s mysterious femme fatal.

Silkey, appreciative fan

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Silkey, you are enslaved by Ripley, that's for sure. You got in the comment ahead of me that Ripley's tail seems to be growing comparable to Maddie's.

I must state that I look forward to Silkey's comments - such originality and delicacy of sensibility. A truly romantic feline of the first order.

whaleshaman said...

Ripley is getting rather plump.

try less dry food? [this suggestion not just for diabetic cats]

ps: they're both lovely, as usual. thanks.