Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday Caturday

Oh, hai. I wuz just killing this feather.


Photos are high res, and yes, Ripley is a little out of focus- I just loved her expression.


Anonymous said...

I need to find out who makes those feather sticks.
Good investment opportunity the rate Ripley goes thru them.


four legs good said...

Maddie drags them all over the house. I find them everywhere.

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Hai, Ms. Ripley, [who is the catnip of my heart.]

You have learned the "Three Paw " position for attacking a feather monster … you clever,clever little thing!

Most disciples of Kitteh Karate do not attain this level so soon. Oh, you will go far in the mysteries, young one.

I love your pink toe pads. Beauteous from ear tip to toe pad!

Silkey, total fan