Sunday, September 02, 2007

Zoey!! with Hidey

Zoey looks a little rough, but Barry reports that she's up and about, chasing fluffy balls and playing with Hidey.

And sleeping a lot.

She has the most gorgeous coat! Get well soon you sweet kitteh.


Donna Marie said...

oh what a love!

Anonymous said...

Zoey is home!!


Anonymous said...

Such a good little girl. And Hidey? Ho!


War On War On said...

Glad to see Zoe has such a strong and feisty spirit after all she's been through! Hope those wounds heal soon...

Polly said...

How does Zoe eat and drink with her jaw wired?

Is it just left side to right side on the bottom?

She is certainly a lovely Plushy critter.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, Zoey. Good for Hidey, being sweet to her!
---The Other Sarah

Anonymous said...

Happy happy happy for Zoey.
Sleep is healing.


Barry from Alaska said...


The wire just goes around her lower jaw, she is not wired shut.

Here's a description of the procedure, with pics:

Lizzy said...

Way to go Zoey, you spunky little doll!