Sunday, October 14, 2007


Does dis partikal celerator maek me look fat?


Up URS chimpy!!

I haz mousies.

Nao I go sleepies.


Anonymous said...

Naptime now.


/Arthur J. GWPDA

Anonymous said...

Ripley has lovely green eyes.
Maddie has gorgeous golden eyes.
...The Other Sarah

War On War Off said...

Up URS chimpy!!

I think she said that in Italian.

Polly said...

I think she said that in Italian.

But which "she" was it dising chimpy?

Extremely Plushy coat, white fichu, striped lower leg, white eyeliner, dark spots giving rise to "eyebrow whiskers".

The grey/black/white kitteh can look browner depending on lighting or camera settings.

Admirable political comment for a young kitteh, in any case.

Silver Ross said...

Darling Ms. Madeleine,
The partikl cellerator makes the Tail O' Doom look plushier, if that's possible!

You look serious and grown up, sitting amidst your studies. (Got a story abt your mentor, Arthur J. as soon as I have time.)

And that has to be your little tough-gurl sister giving the one paw salute to Georgie W.

You are much too refined to do that. I hope.

Silver, fastidious fan

Wimsey said...

Ah truly lovely kitties, so much so that even I, hound that I am, can appreciate!


Silkey Cat Ross said...

Haiya, darlin' tough Gurl!

U go Gurl! Give that Chimpy the one paw salute as often as you want.

Never mind that stuffy "fastidious" guy who dissed U. He doesn't know from nothin'.

We're watching the guys play ball again and our human is not happy. These "Red Soxs" don't play ball as well as I do.

Why are they called Red Soxs, Precious? I can't see any soxs. And I'd know, cause I have long white soxs. (Like ur pretty white toesies, but knee high.)

Silkey, well shod fan

four legs good said...

But which "she" was it dising chimpy?

That's Ripley- you can tell by the white space between her eyes.