Saturday, October 20, 2007

Iz caturday agin todai

Those gurlz be hanging....

(high res photos, click on them to see all the up close plushy details)


Silver Ross said...

Lovely, lovely Mlle. Madeleine,
As a Caturday Star you shine, sparkling bright.

All four of your white-toesied paws are exposed in this pic! Serious Kitteh Pron here!!1

I'd love to start nibbling on a white toesie, and nibble all the up to your exquisite ears!

Silver, excitable fan

four legs good said...

Silver, you are a rogue!

Caminante said...

What's got the girlzzz looking spooked? The open window?

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Four Legs Good, Sir or Ma'm:

My brother, Silver, a rogue?
Don't know abt rogue-ish, but I say Silver is one dirty-minded bad kitteh. U should hear the stuff he says behind his paw.

I've told him and told him that we have to be extra respectful to ur gurlz, cause Southern gurlz like courteous beaux.

Does he listen? LOUD NO.

But I will protect the honor of ur innocent kittehs, even when we get that wormhole open. That's when we can come serenade them outside ur window!

Silkey honorable lover

Anonymous said...

Ripley is developing quite the outsize ruff isn't she? Guess she decided if Maddie could have THE TAIL, she would have THE RUFF?


Sandy-LA 90034 said...

I do love you guys -- from 4Legs wonderful pictures and great captions to Silver and Silkey Cat Ross's ribald, adorable comments, to Flory's humorous, creative comments! (And anyone else that I'm unintentionally leaving out.) It's a constant joy to come here and hang out.

I've got two cataract surgeries in November, so I've sworn off the super serious blogs and am sticking with the girlz here, 922 cats, NTodd, Jeffraham, etc. to keep me laughing. (Also, my Mom just broke her hip - just before her 90th birthday! Life is a bit of a challenge lately).

Thanks for all the laughs that lighten my heart.