Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oh, noes! monster BLACK HOLE!!

Okay, this is actually pretty cool: Monster Black Hole Busts Theory. And then eats Cincinnatti.
A stellar black hole much more massive than theory predicts is possible has astronomers puzzled.

Stellar black holes form when stars with masses around 20 times that of the sun collapse under the weight of their own gravity at the ends of their lives. Most stellar black holes weigh in at around 10 solar masses when the smoke blows away, and computer models of star evolution have difficulty producing black holes more massive than this.

The newly weighed black hole is 16 solar masses. It orbits a companion star in the spiral galaxy Messier 33, located 2.7 million light-years from Earth. Together they make up the system known as M33 X-7.

"We're having trouble using standard theories to explain this system because it is so massive," study team member Jerome Orosz of the University of California, San Diego, told

The black hole in M33 X-7 is also the most distant stellar black hole ever observed. The findings, detailed in the Oct. 17 issue of the journal Nature, could help improve formation models of "binary" systems containing a black hole and a star. It could also help explain one of the brightest star explosions ever observed.
Fascinating stuff.

Goes to show you that we just don't know everything about the universe yet. Nevermind what goes on in other universes. From our friends at


Polly said...

And then eats Cincinnatti.

Hurray for Black Holes! I hope it's very hungry, as that is the only thing that will save the feckless Red Sox.

Wonder whose space ship the Hole is snacking on? At least we know the gurlz wouldn't fly that recklessly. Surely Uncle Maxx and Arthur J. have warned them about that sort of hazard. ???

Polly said...

Oh, Noes! Egg on my face.

That orange flying saucer that I thought the black hole was absorbing is the artists rendition of the hole itself.

Some say une should actually read a link before commenting on it. Novel idea.

Culture of Truth said...

I love it.

These scientists are really in the dark, aren't they?

So to speak.

four legs good said...

I don't know that they're actually in the dark, so much as they explain things as well as they can, but have an incomplete picture of the universe.

As they learn new things (like WOW, a 16 solar mass BLACK HOLE, MOTHERFUCKER!!) they go back to the drawing board.

Such is science.