Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kitteh hijinx

I'z bited mah sister, she had a flvr- it wuz bad

Mah toesies R tufties, U agree

Iz nuffink on teevee

Ripleeeee! no bitey! k thx bai


Culture of Truth said...

Your cats are hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

The toes! The toes!

Maddie looks like she wants a beer and some nachos.

Buckeye, Dealer of Rare Coins

four legs good said...

They do like to keep me entertained.

Hecate said...

I adore your cats! Miss Thing never does anything except sleep.

four legs good said...

You need to get her some mousies with feathers to liven her up.

Anonymous said...

These are hilarious. Between Ripley's tongue and Maddie settling in with a brew and some chips....


Silkey said...

Tufty toesies are delightful!

Ms. Ripley has the cleanest, sweetest toesies on the Internets! I personally would like to nibble on them.

Those Red Sox ball playing guys are on the TV Mlle.Madeleine. They're worth watching.

Silkey, ball playing fan

Sandy-LA 90034 said...


Pink toesies and white tufties -- my day is complete!

grandefille said...

Miss Madeleine,

Does your centaur fix the words to go across the TV? I like to sit and watch them. They go fast and I think they're bugs or something.

I also watch the ball games with my nana. I like to watch the little people run around fast.

I has tufty pink toesies, too, but not as pretty as yours. I am part Siamese so we don't know why I has tufties, but I do. My mommy says your centaur is very kind and very talented to take such good pictures of you and Miss Ripley.

Have fun!

Love, HarryCat