Friday, October 26, 2007

U can haz some baby pics

Eeeeep! how hilarious was Maddie? and how silly wuz Ripley with her little fat tummy? Too bad they grow up so quickly.


Karin said...

Have you seen this cuteness overload?

Anonymous said...

You know you've been spending too much time looking at other people's kitteh pics, when you can remember the *first* time the baby pics were posted.


Silkey Cat Ross said...

Ms. Ripley, sweetest Heart,
U were such an adorable little kitty. Almost as adorable as U r now!

I didn't get a chance last night [sometimes our human won't give me the computer] a chance to tell you what I noticed.

In that photo of U standing up to catch the Feather Monster … UR tummy fur showed off wonderfully.

U have lush, plush tummy fur almost as thick and exciting as ur big Sis! U r almost as grownup as the big glamor gurlz of the Internet!

Does it make U happy that I noticed, lovely Ms. Chainsaw?

Silkey, always admiring fan

four legs good said...

Silkey, it does make her happy. She was all upset because I ran the eeeeevil vaccoooooom tonight, and you just made her feel all better.

U R a good kitteh

bo, The Original said...

Good news/bad news.

flint/frost/bo (the unoriginal) is banned over at Eschaton, me thinks.

However, I am too since I was namestealing him/it with reckless abandon. So it goes. Should still be able to comment from the shadows of Mordor (my workplace).

four legs good said...

bo, email Atrios and explain and ask him to unban your IP.

And tell him you're changing your nym.

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Happy Caturday to pretty Texas Kitty ladies.

Ms. Ripley darling, I too used to be afraid of the evil vacuum, loud monster with vicious intent that it is.

But now that I am a big, strong, grownup kitteh, I realize that my human is in control of the damned thing. She runs it, not the other way around.

Our human will never let anything hurt us kitteh fellows. Your Centaur won't let U get hurt either, and now that U r almost grownup the monster cannot eat U all up.

So be brave, sweet Ripley Chainsaw, you are truly safe.

Silkey, experienced kitteh fellow