Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Maxxine update - noir version

Little Maxxine is growing- she's now 3.75 lbs. Maxx would be so proud.


Sandy-LA 90034 said...

And just look at that tail on her! (oops! maybe that's indelicate?)

She looks like she may rival Maddie's Tail O' Doom as she grows!

Polly said...

Sandy-LA 90034 said...
And just look at that tail on her!

Exactly what I though, seeing the top pic. The tail is longer than the kitten!

I figure 2 lbs. for the kitty, 1.75 for the Tail.

Maxxine looks perfect in Noir. I've forgotten, who is her lucky kittenslave?

Polly said...


Are you and your Mom somewhere safe from the fires? Or online from your laptop in that Stadium/Shelter?

Hope all is well with you and yours.


Anonymous said...

Tail O'Doom in the making there. What a precious babeh.


four legs good said...

This is War On War Off's kitteh.

War On War Off said...

Heyas, didn't see my lovely little girl until just now. Thanks again, fourlegs. And I got you a little something from your wishlist (belated happy birfday!)...it's on the way.


War On War Off said...

What is that "T" doing there?


Anyway, Maxxine's just now past 13 weeks old...that tail's got much more growin' to do!

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Polly - Thanks for your concern! So far we're fine! Mom's in a rehab in San Gabriel (near Alhambra/Pasadena) and I'm in the middle of the West Los Angeles area (near Century City). Both areas are safe, so far. Looks like the Santa Ana winds are beginning to die down and the temperatures, too. The smoke overlies the city and yesterday the setting sun was blood red and the moon was golden when seen through the lens of the smoke.

four legs good said...

Sandy, thank god for that.

Poopyman said...

Yes! Best wishes to all Plushfriends in the fires' way.

A pic of the Wildfire Moon is halfway down this page.