Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Kittehs for U

Teh eye seeez all

Dat Maddie is silleeez

Photography tip: if you have either compact flourescent or full spectrum lightbulbs in UR home, and you have a SLR camera, try using the custom white balance function- UR kitteh's pink nosie will look teh purty.


Silkey Cat Ross said...

More Pink Nosies! Hurrah!
Purtier Pink Nosies! Hurray!

Glamorous Texas kitteh gurlz.

My furry heart is thumping with delight.

Silkey, happy fan

Anonymous said...

Teh pink nose sure is pink awright.


four legs good said...

It's really a lovely color of pink, eh?

I likes it.

Anonymous said...

Road Cat.

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

You guys have said it all! What's left for me to say? Purty pink nozies rule.

Anonymous said...

You should write a book on the finer points of kitteh photography! You're right about the importance of lighting with respect to good color rendering.

Backyard Astronomer