Friday, October 05, 2007

Iz Caturday?? Yes!!

This is about how I feel today.

Ripley wants U to admire her excellent fichu.

She is very silly.


Gummo said...

Not only are they beautiful cats, but your pictures just get better & better.

four legs good said...

Oh, thanks!

It's actually hard to get the photos to look different from day to day.

Silkey Cat Ross said...

What's a fichu, Precious?

Is it your excellent arching whiskers?

Is it a new kind of toy?

Is it your combo of perfect pink nose and rosy ear linings? Lickable ears, nuzzlable ears, soft intimately sniffable … … Ahem, Sorry, I got distracted there.

What's a fichu, Precious Ripley? If it's yours, I admire it.

Silkey, enchanted fan

four legs good said...

Silkey, it is her delightful white ruff.

Anonymous said...

Le fichu est magnifique.

And then there are the eyebrows! Like the Fountains of Wayne!

Li'l Innocent

Silver Ross said...

Mlle. Madeleine,

The humans are doing something exciting on our TV! A bunch of men are chasing balls on a big green rug!

They are almost as good at chasing as I am. And that is high praise.

Our human will sit still for hours watching this "game." So we get lots of lap time, petting and brushing!

You and lil Sis should get your Centaur to watch this game, so you can have more lap time too.

Please tell your Sis that I admire her fichu too. It's really cute the way the little thing models herself on your perfection.

Silver, game-loving fella

Anonymous said...

Dear 4lg:
I izn't silly. I iz just very young.
And I haz a very pink nose.

Ripley Chainsaw

Anonymous said...

Maddie looks schnockered. U been letting her get into teh scotch?


four legs good said...

No, she's been playing very, very hard lately.

Hours of chase and much fetching. Tires a kitteh out ya know.

Polly said...

Happy Sat/Caturday to you Texans.

Much sunshine here and no rain.

Ripley, you have a very fashionable fichu, just like the big gurlz wear.

Caminante said...

Is the little Ripley getting a bit of plumptitude or is it just the angle in the last photo?

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

4Legs - You get wonderful shots of the girlz all the time. At least they do more than lay around all day like Atrios' kitties. I think it would be very challenging to get a different shot of a lump of kitty just sleeping the day away. Even when Ripley sleeps, she's adorable. Love her sweet abandon and tummy shots! Don't tell Silkey Cat Ross -- might put the wrong ideas in his silly little head.

four legs good said...

Is the little Ripley getting a bit of plumptitude or is it just the angle in the last photo?

She's a wee bit plump, but mostly she's just very fluffy.

Her coat is quite dense- it sticks out at almost right angles to her body.