Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Night kittehs

HALP!! Iz not my tail and iz etting meh!

Iz safe incyd forse feeld in mah paRtikal celrator

I iz glamorus kitteh... I go teh yurp soon

Eeeeek! many tailz and pawsies


TheOtherWA said...

I wanna go to Yurp too! Maddie should bring the particle accelerator to keep us safe. She'll have to put it in her checked bag, it's never make it through security otherwise.

Ripley and Maddie will take Yurp by storm!

Polly said...

Oh Mai!

How many loose, rampaging Tails do you have at your house?

Bet little Silkey Cat Ross would be upset to hear his glamorous kitteh sweetheart is in danger of being "et."

zoe said...

da tail! da tail! it is da tail of dooooom!!!!!!!