Monday, October 29, 2007

U R dOOmed

U fate iz seeled by da TAIL O' DOOM

k thx bai

(high resolution photo for all the teh scary tail details)


Anonymous said...

Does the kitten chow say "for extra plush"?
Cause it appears to be working for both of them.


four legs good said...

Good nutrition means nice fur. Notice how shiny both their coats are?

They have nice white teefies as well.

Caminante said...

How does she live having that sceery monster behind her all the time?

Silver Ross said...

Lovely Mlle. Madeleine, your plushy fur looksmore elegant than ever tonight.

Who or what is hiding under the frig enticing your attention?

I find my mousies try to congregate under our frig, just out of claw's reach. So annoying of them.

Especially when I hear the mousies snickering at me, when I can't reach them.

Silver, admiring fan