Thursday, November 01, 2007

Daily Kittehs

Just another plushy day at chez four legs good.


zoe said...

photo number2: is that a new yoga pose?????hhheeeeeee too funny are those girlie girls

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Yoga for kittehs?

Or is dear Ms. Ripley Chainsaw hiding her pretty eyes from those politicians on the TV?

Silkey, understanding fan

Silver Ross said...

Mlle Madeleine, I too am working on our particle accelerator, and studying my fizics lessons.

My bro and I've done pretty well accessing a wormhole. But the only one we can get leads to a place called "Feenix", which seemed real alien.

In Feenix we met a big hairy guy , Arthur, who was friendly at first, for an alien. Until we said we were going to Austin to meet to meet the prettiest kitteh Gurlz in the Universe.

Arthur knew your names, Mlle. and little Ripkey too! He knew you two are, of course, the prettiest Gurlz!

Then he got all huffy, "What do you want with those little kittehs? Are your intentions honorable?
Do you have any references?"

We tried to explain that we adore the ground you pussyfoot on, that our hearts are as pure as the driven … that we just want to sit below your window and serenade you both.

Arthur didn't believe us. He tuned off the Further Routing button on our wormhole, and made us go home!

Damn! I thought we could trust a guy with that much fur, but No.
We'll keep trying, adorable Mlle.

Silver, studious fan