Thursday, November 01, 2007



The feline equivalent of "baroooo!!"


Lizzy said...

Awesome! Superb photographer, amazing models!! You all go, gurlz...

zoe said...

Darlin girls. I gotta come here and look and you and feel a sense of peace and calm after reading so much that says Mukazeee might go through, and our Constitution is being pissed on more than the two of you could do in a I thank your keeper for helping me to hold on to the beautiful in the world, to keep the wonderful pictures of the Lion Maxxxxx Kitty up on Fridays, and to know that there is peace and beauty SOMWHERE in this world.

Thank you

Silver Ross said...

Silver Ross said...
Mlle Madeleine, I too am working on our particle accelerator, and studying my fizics lessons.

My bro and I've done pretty well accessing a wormhole. But the only one we can get leads to a place called "Feenix", which seemed real alien.

In Feenix we met a big hairy guy , Arthur, who was friendly at first, for an alien. Until we said we were going to Austin to meet to meet the prettiest kitteh Gurlz in the Universe.

Arthur knew your names, Mlle. and little Ripkey too! He knew you two are, of course, the prettiest Gurlz!

Then he got all huffy, "What do you want with those little kittehs? Are your intentions honorable?
Do you have any references?"

We tried to explain that we adore the ground you pussyfoot on, that our hearts are as pure as the driven … that we just want to sit below your window and serenade you both.

Arthur didn't believe us. He tuned off the Further Routing button on our wormhole, and made us go home!

Damn! I thought we could trust a guy with that much fur, but No.
We'll keep trying, adorable Mlle.

Silver, studious fan

Anonymous said...

Ah, Silver and Silkey ...

Arthur learned his guardian's ways from his human, the lovely and talented GWPDA.

What you want, lads, isn't a wormhole.
What you want is a TARDIS.

Of course, the destinations remain a bit random...

War On War Off said...

Whenever Maxxine enters the room or jumps up on something she always trills...."BRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLT!!!"

Anonymous said...


Little Gurlz should NOT be in the company of Strange Gentlemen, unescorted. Since I was unable to accompany you thru the wormhole, the matter is quite settled.


/Arthur J. GWPDA

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Oh, I adore you guys and your wonderful repartee. And I love the wonderful pictures the talented Centaur produces (even in the midst of a hectic work life) of two such lovely plushy ladies!

A superb way to start my day!

four legs good said...

Whenever Maxxine enters the room or jumps up on something she always trills...."BRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLT!!!"

Maddie does that too.

'Tis a coon thing.

War On War Off said...

'Tis a coon thing.

Thanks...that's what I figured, fourlegs. Never ever had a cat make that silly sound. Cracks me up every time I hear it.