Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Maddie

U wants to come play with me?

I noes U do. I iz waiting rite heah.

Kai thx bai


madamab said...

she is so amazing, I would consider getting allergy shots for her.

thank you for your wonderful kitteh pics. they always make me smile. :-)

zoe said...

uh oh, I am almost afraid to read what Silkey has to say about these pics....she is devastatingly beautiful

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Zoe, Ma'm,
U don't understand. I, Silkey Cat Ross, am a devoted lover of Ms. Ripley Chainsaw, who is the most charming and devastatingly beautiful kitteh lady on the Internets.

Big Sis Madeleine is of course beautiful too. My bro Silver may have something to say abt that when he finishes harassing the hummingbirds. Cuz he does secretly yearn for her.

But I would slay dragons and gather golden apples for Ms. Ripley, adorable pink-nosed rascal that she is.

Silkey, faithful fan

zoe said...

Dear Silkey
Forgive me for confusing you with your brother - he who does NOT have the silver tongue. Maddie is quite beautiful, heh?