Monday, December 10, 2007


I'z exhausted. Why U turn that VAACOOOM machine on an' scare meh so muches?



Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet Ripley, don't be afraid. Your loving centaur would never hurt you. Just let that nasty vaccuum sound go in one lovely, tufty ear and out the other.


grandefille said...

Miss RIpley,

Ask Miss Maddie to foof the Tail o' Doooom at that bad vaacooom and just watch how quickly it scurries out of the room. Yay!! Plus, the rug is all floofy and snuggly and the floor is nice and slidy again when your centaur is done. I just sit on top of the big green chair and call the vaaccoom very bad names until mom's done. (And I don't get in trouble because she can't hear me! Ha!)

My mom says that The Late Great Uncle Purrkins used to let them run the vaacooom machine over him on the floor because he liked the brushes on his tummy.

I think that's one reason he's The Late Great Uncle Purrkins, though.

Love from your admirer,


Poopyman said...

Vacooming is a vastly overrated activity, the moreso when it skeerz the kittehs.

So sez the guy with 5 (count 'em!) kittehs.


(Mrs. P thinks differently, of course.)

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Look, Four Legs Good, Sir or Ma'm … I found Ms. Ripley's backstory that I told you about! She wasn't "abandoned or lost" like you thought!

… this is another case of a beautiful kitten princess stolen from her royal parents by an evil fairy. But the future Ms. Chainsaw was a feminist kitteh, tough enough to escape her captor with bites, bloody scratches and fierce howls of rage.

Alone in a strange city, the fierce but friendless gurl sat down in a dark alley to plan her path back to her parents' castle. And there, in that Austin alley, the lost princess caught her very first wild mouse. It was exhilarating!

After dining on her freshly killed treat (delicious even tho not served on Royal Doulton) the little darling needed a nap.

But danger lurks in the alleys of Austin. Even when well-hidden behind a trash bin, a sleeping kitten is vulnerable to a beady-eyed, sharp-fanged Rat. A hungry Rat!

The smell of hungry Rat broke the dreams of the tired kitten. Straight up she leaped, she landed running on all paws, running for her very life!

Out of the alley flew the lost princess, into the arms of a passing human sent by the great Goddess Bast. The human was only a messenger, sent to deliver the little kitteh to a safe place to await the Centaur chosen by Bast.

Along came the Centaur to bring the nameless little one to a new palace, complete with loving kittenslave, big sister princess and a name of her very own … Ripley Chainsaw!

four legs good said...

Okay silkey cat, U win.

She iz princess.

Anonymous said...

And Her Royal Princessness decrees -- NO MORE VACOOOOOM.


four legs good said...

Then she needs to quit tracking litter all of the place with her tuftie toesies.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Oh, teh cute! Ripley has grown up into a very beautiful young thing. What compelling (and guilt-inducing) eyes!