Friday, December 14, 2007

Sum Rippplleeee 4 U

Evil carrots... I killz them.

String theory? I gots it.

Pink tongue? I slays U with mah cutitude.


KidRanger said...

So, when are we gonna see pictures of those stalkers, the Ross brothers? Some evaluation needs to occur about their mental and physical fitness to associate with 4lg's two lovely ladies.

You can't hide forever, you boys!

zoe said...

Im with you, Kidranger! And geez, when they see that pink tongue??? I fear for the sizzling bandwidth...Silkey really is the silvery slippy devil and tho he sings Riplees praises quite eloquently, he Does cross over the line, and at the very least, flirts with it. She has not had her first birthday yet!!!! for goodness sake!!!

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Adorable Ms. Ripley, sweetest of kitteh ladies, do ignore those humans for a moment. Just long enough to be assured that I am indeed slain by the pinkness of ur little tongue, the softness of ur fur. I am prostrate before ur total cutitude.

Ur glorious First Birthday is coming soon, pretty kitteh. When you're all grown up, would U like to spend a day or two with me in a garden where the mousies run free and catnip grows wild?

Could ur Centaur spare U for just a day or two?

Silkey, anticipating paradise

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Kidranger and Zoe,
Our human has a good pic of Silver and me, but it's not digital. So she needs to find somebody with a scanner to send it on. I'll bite her hair to remind her. That trick always gets her attention.

Zoe, Ma'm, what is this line U write abt?

I am a mannerly fellow, always respectful of lady kittehs and humans I want something from. I would never harm a hair of Ms. Ripley's fine, plushy coat. And we all appreciate how hard she fights to save us from evil alien Carrots.

I would never act toward her the way I see some of U humans screwing around on the Internets. Shocking to well-bred Kittehs, I tells U!