Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Good grief charlie brown

Okay, this should be hilarious, but it's not. It's just depressing.
Gravity: Doesn't exist. If items of mass had any impact of others, then mountains should have people orbiting them. Or the space shuttle in space should have the astronauts orbiting it. Of course, that's just the tip of the gravity myth. Think about it. Scientists want us to believe that the sun has a gravitation pull strong enough to keep a planet like neptune or pluto in orbit, but then it's not strong enough to keep the moon in orbit? Why is that? What I believe is going on here is this: These objects in space have yet to receive mans touch, and thus have no sin to weigh them down. This isn't the case for earth, where we see the impact of transfered sin to material objects. The more sin, the heavier something is.
That's a real quote, from the Fundies Say the Damndest Things list of top 100 quotes.

I invite you to scroll down the list and be amazed and disheartened. The stupidity, it burns! And worse, the hatred, it makes me want to cry. And get back to work on my rocket.

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Caminante said...

Totally disheartening. I am going to play with my beloved furries who aren't so stupid.

Anonymous said...

Get better. U iz waaaaaaaaaaay behind on those rocket ships.


candymarl said...

So that's why I'm stuck to the ceiling. Darn that lack of gravity!

Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable. It is a sad testament to the state of science education in the US that such insanity can be uttered. Is there something in the bible that contradicts Newton or Einstein? Why question gravity? Is it God that holds the planets in their orbits? I guess I'll click on your scary link to see what other insanities are out there.

Backyard Astronomer

Woody (Tokin' Lib'rul/Rogue Scholar & O'erall Helluvafella!) said...

"Why question gravity? Is it God that holds the planets in their orbits?"

It's that which leads me to believe it's a spoof. See, the science guys, when they hear the fundies attacking 'evolution,' because it's "only a theory," often reply: "Well, gravity's "only" a theory, too." It's a pretty subtle rejoinder, and pretty much unanswerable.
Hence the 'snark' in the list...

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