Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday kittenz

I lurves mah snoozy blankie.

Wut iz dis plant doing in here? Duz it haz a flavr?

Hallooooo! no, I do not want mah pitcher taken, kai thx bai

Maddy has been making me crazy the past couple of days. "Pick me up. No, put me down. Play with me. Leave me alone. Wake up! No, I'ze sleepy nao." I'm ready to send her to kitteh camp.


Plum Pudding said...

Don't you dare sending Maddy to kitteh camp! I read about those in a Bronte sister (don't remember which one) novel. Hrrible places! Send Madeleine by mail to me instead. I'll take care of her.

And more pictures of teh two of them together, s'il-vous-plaƮt

Anonymous said...


Pay attention to meeeeeeee!!!!!

Maddie is going thru her terrible twos nao.


Silkey Cat Ross said...

Err, Ms. Ripley, Umm, urh … about chewing on house plants …. Almost everything U do is delightful and entertaining and all that good stuff.

But chewing on house plants is likely to upset ur kittenslave. They get screechy, yelling bad words and threats! Whether Centaur or Human, they just turn unreasonable. It's not like there aren't lots more green plants outside, sheesh.

Now, chewing on grass is ok. Ur Centaur can buy pots of grass at the store for U. Tastes great, and is good for moving hairballs along (an intimate problem U should ask big Sis to explain to U.)

That pic of ur long, lovely spine fur pattern, and ur huge Plushy Tail is breathtaking! I'll go to sleep many nights now thinking of scritchy scratching my claws down that column of fine, shining dark fur that clothes ur spine.

Oh beautiful Ripley Plushy Gurl!

Silkey, adoring fan

Caminante said...

How nice of 4lgs to get you an indoor plant that you two can demolish... and I do love seeing you two in action.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Send her to me!! (Yeah, like it would ever happen.) Tell her if she doesn't straighten up and fly right, Uncle Maxx will come by and nibble on her plushy tail. That should do her for a few weeks.