Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Maxxine! is all growed up

She had to go to the kitty doctor and get her kitteh girl bits fixed today.


Lizzy said...

Oh! She so cute!!

War On War Off said...

Thanks, lizzy, and thanks for posting her photo again, fourlegs!

Just dropped Miss Maxxy Maxx off at the vet. My, we had us a food, no water, and my other kitty Karmina was Not At All Happy About The Situation. She banged on the mini-blinds like a prisoner banging a tin cup on the jail bars. Maxxine was pretty much a good girl though, but couldn't understand why we couldn't have breakfast this morning! I'll be able to pick her up this afternoon sometime. Oh, and I just love my vet (been going there for more than 20 years)...they were actually voted "Best In Austin." Such sweet, caring animal lovers, so I know she's in good hands.

four legs good said...

I've been going to Central Park animal hospital for years.

The nice thing is that they have an emergency service so they're open 24 hours.

War On War Off said...

Kitty emergencies...teh scary! Fortunately haven't had any these past few years...

Polly said...

But, but, but Maxxine was just a little bebeh a short time ago?

How does this happen? Our bebehs should stay bebehs longer.

On the cutitude scale, Maxxine is right up there with Maddie and Ripley. It's her horizontal ear tufts that put her at the heights.

Also, gurl kittehs seem to have more "IT" than the boys.

Silkey and Silver Ross said...

Does "Maxxine! is all growed up" mean she is old enough to entertain a gentleman caller? Isn't that what U Southerners call it?

We have a neighbor who's working hard to learn the computer, to broaden his education. He is a tuxedo cat, very elegant like Fred Astaire. Nice fella, too.

Little Maxxine would be an inspiration to a kitteh guy trying to learn this human gadget.

Ms. Ripley Sweetness is forever the center of mai luv, the goal of mai desire, but i still can see that Maxxine is growing into a most desirable young Kitteh Lady.

Silkey, alert fan

Anonymous said...


Poor little Maxxine. I hopez she is alright.

She gets extra cookees nao.



War On War Off said...

Maxxine was pretty sore yesterday, but is doing much better today...even ate a little bit this morning.

Polly...yes, her horizontality is quite teh endearing. The folks at the vets just love her.

Oh, you Ross boys... ;)

grandefille said...

Congratulations and speedy recovery to Miss Maxxine and many thanks to her most excellent and responsible human, war on war off!