Friday, January 25, 2008

Jungle Gym Kittehs

A platform for each kitteh.


At first they didn't want to hang out in the half-pipe layer, but now they lurves it.


madamab said...

they are world class in their eepitude.

thanks for brightening my day!

Polly said...

The Tail O'Doom is amazing, the epitome of Plushyness!

Does it require its own hair brush and an extra kitenslave to care for it?

Caminante said...

What a view of that tail!!! Now, if they get too active, are they going to lose their plushiness? Hope not.

four legs good said...

No, they were already really, really active.

Silver Ross said...

Thank you Four Legs Good, sir or ma'am, for buying that perch to display Mlle. Madeleine's magnificent, incredible, gorgeous Tail.

And to display the rest of her gorgeous furry self.

Kind of you to get a two-platform perch, so little Sis can be up there too.

Silver, connoiseur kitteh

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear.
Half pipes?

When u start getting the packages from Burtons? It's time to worry....


Silkey Cat Ross said...

Of course ur nos is still Pink, adorable little Ripley.

Ur nose will always be the perfection of pinkness, the standard against which all kittehs' pink noses will be measured.

Ur Tail is almost as plushy and impressive as Maddie's is, Darling Gurl. I prefer ur more modest Tail as it matches ur daintier, smaller size.

Tho I don't understand what that human means abt "the pinkness of goth." We did look at that link. Humans are very strange sometimes.
[War On War Off is a good kittenslave, tho. Properly worries abt bebeh Maxxine.]

Silkey, lover of the Pink

Lizzy said...

Ratz! I think I haz to get one naow!

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

LOL! I think Lizzy's going to need more than one of those for her 922 cats and kittens!

The Tail O' Doom - in all its regal splendor!

Ripley, we love teh pink noesies!