Monday, January 21, 2008

New kitteh lounger, we haz it!

Iz gud 4 scratching

And 4 surveying mah domain

I iz suppose to scratch on dis ting? (Ripley yells, "UR doing it WRONG")

Oh, iz vry gud 4 watch teh teevee!!


Anonymous said...

Maddie's just gotta do things her own way, duzn't she?


TheOtherWA said...

Ooooo, a new toy. Kewl!

Silver Ross said...

Mlle. Madeleine, you are up on a pedestal!

This is where you belong, above the commons, a perch where we can adore you from a respectful distance. Me, Silver Cat your great lover, will be first in line … if only we can find a wormhole direct to Austin.

Last night's pic of you standing tall took my breath away. Yes you are tall, beautiful kitteh Lady, all the better to show your wonderous pelt.

Can I help you groom your sensuous coat, sweet Gurl?

Silver, yearning for you

War On War Off said...'s next to teh window too...great for watchin' da birdies and stuff!

Anonymous said...


I wonder if Angel would like something like that....


Sandy-LA 90034 said...

LOL! 4Legs, you are superb at capturing photos and putting captions to them that crack me up!

What on earth are you feeding Ripley.?! It seems like she's plumped out and plushed out in just that last month or so.

four legs good said...

Flory, yes she does, she's so silly.

Ripley's the real scratching maniac, so I'm glad to see her using the posts in the traditional way.

She gets many scritches and "GOOD GIRL!!"s when she does.

four legs good said...

They are both still eating Purina One Healthy Kitten crunchies and a variety of canned food.

They like their crunchies the best though. Maddie is still growing so I think I'll keep them on the kitten food for a while longer.

VforVirginia said...

Oh I'm so glad you went with the rope instead of the fluffy-wuffy carpet stuff! Our cats lurve rope; we wrapped the post by the stairs in it because they determined they were going to scratch there. Also wrapped it around the base of a ponytail palm they were determined to shred.

Them some purty gurlz you gotz there.

four legs good said...

It haz some carpet too on one of the posts.

I just couldn't bring myself to buy something covered in shag carpeting.

This is bad enough.

War On War Off said...

The rope holds up much better too. My old one made of carpet is almost completely shredded in places, and recently bought two more (one of carpet and one of rope) and the carpet is nearly shredded on that one as well.

zoe said...

Oh my!!! How beeyuteefull!