Thursday, January 24, 2008

When U get me a book deal?

I iz as cute as dos LOLcats U noes

and I haz many mousies, but no book deel. Iz not gud.

Ripley is reacting to THIS news:

LOLcat Book Explains Their Cultural Significance


Silkey Cat Ross said...

Cuter, U are Cuter than LOL cats, Ms. Ripley Darling.

I'll buy ur book if U write one, pretty Kitteh Lady.
Use lots of pix of U and Maddie.

Silkey, happy fan

Ramona Quimby said...

Ripley and Maddie - U belong on the cuver of Kitteh Vogue.

War On War Off said...

Dint Ms. Chainsaw write "Ripley's Believe It Or Not"?

Anonymous said...

I thought Arthur was negotiating something for them?