Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday kittehs

Halp! I iz stuck here. Stop painting stuff, plz.

See how beeeg I am getting?


Doan go back to werk 4lgs. Stay homez and write movies and books and stuff.


Anonymous said...

Oh that would be so good, 4Legs. Arthur's very glad that I can do that and it's our jobs to make Our Guyz happy.


Sandy-LA 90034 said...

I would like to bury my face in your sweet plushy coats, Ripley and Maddie, and take warm comfort in your antics and your sweet selves as I try to ease the pain of the loss of a heroic soldier, Andy Olmsted, who blogged about his Iraq experience and who died January 4, one of the first casualties of the New Year. Check out Hilzoy for his last post and the comments and condolences of people all over the world who responded:

How glad I am that 4Legs takes the time to post these wonderful photos.