Sunday, January 06, 2008

We R eeeeeepy 2

See mah excellent furry tummeeee and mah tuftie toesies???

I haz a magnificent ruff. Wut U got?


Anonymous said...

Yes, the young mademoiselles are yet EEEEEEEEEEEPPPPP-y, but they are becoming quite the plushy debutantes!
lovely young feline ladies! I curtsey to you! :)

Anonymous said...

Riplee Chainsaw!!!

Iz not nice to gloat. U noes better....

auntie flory

candymarl said...

Oh yeah? Well I got, I got....
Uh nothin'.
(slinks away)

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Wut've I got?

U cheeky little darling, I've got a magnificently thick golden red and white fur coat that feels smooth as the finest silk. Every human I allow to pet me tells me what a sensuous pleasure that is.

And I have a virile orange mustache! We'll be a handsome couple, when we work out the wormhole tech so we can get together.

Silkey, ever ardent fan

KidRanger said...

Honestly, 4legs, it's like you are daring the Ross boys to do something stupid!

Silver and Silkey - manners, please! You are not a couple of neighborhood Toms who stand outside lady's doors and yowl!

Anonymous said...


zoe said...

kidranger --- I am with you. those ross boys...hmmmmmm...such suggestive behavior aimed at the ladies!

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Do we have pictures of the Ross boys?

We need to be able to recognize them if they get through the wormhole!

Golden red and white fur -- plushy? or not? That's the first description I've heard.

(he does sound enticing...)

Caminante said...

Look at all those furrrrz. We've got catitude (the three felines of this house).

Silkey Cat Ross said...

KidRanger said...
Silver and Silkey - manners, please! You are not a couple of neighborhood Toms who stand outside lady's doors and yowl!

U wanna bet on that, Buster?

Silkey, mustached fan

zoe said...

Oh my, it does seem as though the Silver TONGUED dEVIL (sILKEY) HAS A BIT OF BRAVADO......that is being kind....tomcat it is, kidranger.

Polly said...

Sandy-LA 90034

I am a proud American Domestic Short Hair, but thickly short-haired. My bro, Silver, got the plushy gene from our Dad.

(he does sound enticing...) Thank U, Ma'm! Thank U very much. My Human says I'm enticing and sweet (sometimes) an all that mushy stuff, but she's biased.

I do appreciate ur distinguished opinion.

Silkey, true lover/fan

Silver Ross said...

Kidranger, sir or ma'm,

We do not yowl. [Except when our tails are stepped on.]

We sing! I try to achieve La Donna e Mobile, not too successfully. But I do try.


KidRanger said...

Silver Ross, feline:

La Donna e Mobile is hardly a flattering piece, and much better suited to a yowler than a singer.

If you must sing human music, might I suggest working on something more subtle, like Bach's "Bist Du Bei Mir." It provides much opportunity to demonstrate vocal range, whilst being romantic and enjoyable. Your human, Polly, would likely appreciate it as well.

Of course, cat music (the lovely purring sound) is best.