Thursday, January 10, 2008

U come HOME right nao

We noes U doan feel so good- U come home and taek napps with us.


KidRanger said...

How's your fever today, 4lg? You know, a nap is always a good remedy for what ails ya.

Silver Ross said...

Sweet Mlle. Madeleine,
Yes, naps are very helpful to centaurs (and humans) who aren't feeling well. Also, snuggling with a loudly purring PlushyFur™ person.

So thoughtful of you to explain this to your kittenslave. You are an example to young Kitteh Ladies everywhere.

Silver, loving fan

grandefille said...

Yes, girls. Tell your centaur that rest is needed immediately. Otherwise 4lg will feel worse and can't work to bring you treats and toys!

We strongly recommend an afternoon of napping and snuggling. Possibly an entire evening of it, followed (dare we hope?) with an entire Friday of said activity. You girls can call in and explain to 4lg's boss-type person, right?

"Hello, boss-type person? This is Maddie and Ripley, 4lg's kittehs, and we'd like to say that 4lg will not be in to work today. Yes, that's right. We're taking a health day. Yes. Oh, thank you. We'll relay the message. Purrs to you!"

Feel better, 4lg! Hugs and snuggles, girls!

love from grandefille and HarryCat

Anonymous said...

so lovely, makes me long for my Otis.


Caminante said...

Miss Maddie, you shouldn't look so imperious when your beloved 4lg centaur is feeling crumola. Cut some slack and give some good kitty lurving. Or is that look actually one of concern?

Silkey Cat Ross said...

For Ms. Ripley, mai own darling kitteh …

Little pink footsies
Kickin' the ball,
Kickin' the ball.

Little plush footballer
Stealin' mai heart,
Stealin' mai heart.

Sporty feminist feline
Am I ur goal,
Am I ur goal?

Silkey, athletic fan

[Four Legs, sir or ma'am, I too am sorry that U are sick. But I don't know enough abt centaurs to give U advice. Except that eating fresh catnip will cure almost anything.]

War On War Off said...

Austin is experiencing the highest cedar counts of the year right now. Fortunately I'm not very allergic, but it really gets to some folks. Hope you feel better, fourlegs!

ThePoliticalCat said...

Hope you feel better soon! Sorry to hear you're ill.

pseudonymous in nc said...

Maddie is going to look surprised for ever. It's just heading into 'mature surprised' now.

Polly said...

Hope a weekend's rest restores you, Four Legs.

Hot toddies are good in January. for whatever ails you.

As is the company of purring Plushies. Snoring Plushies are good too. Best tranquilizers in the world.

four legs good said...

Cedar is not my problem. Got me a case of the flu.


Anonymous said...

Hot lemonade or Russian tea, and chlorpheniramine maleate pills.

Oh, and lots of kitteh snuggles.

(Of our seven four have the sneezies).
The Other Sarah