Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Extra kittehs

Can U change teh channel?

Can U come play with me?


madamab said...


how in the world do you ever get anything done? :-)

TheOtherWA said...

How could you possibly watch tv in the same room with so much plushiness right there!

four legs good said...

how in the world do you ever get anything done? :-)

Why do U think the rocket fleet is unfinished and the screenplay for Chickosaurus Rex is incomplete?

Silkey Cat Ross said...

I'll come play with U, dear Ms. Ripley Chainsaw.

What time does the kittenslave leave for work? I'll be there within the hour.

I can help U wash those pretty tufted pawsies, and ur delicate ears, and any other part of ur gorgeous anatomy that U might like help with!

My human will let me come to U cause she's happy tonite. Both her candidates won tonite, they "tied" she says. This is evidently good?

Humans are strange sometimes. U were wise to choose a Centaur to provide for U.

Silkey, totally Urs.

Polly said...

Four Legs,
Did you see Jon Stewart last nite? Chris Wallace of Faux News said Hillary would appear in a debate on Faux on Monday!

This is outrageous. Wallace also insulted John Edwards, called him a panderer and something else.

Not acceptable!

grandefille said...

I think we see a way for 4LG to stay home with the Gurlz.


That shot of Ripley right there is the cover.


I'd buy an 8x10 right now to mat and frame for my new office. But I'd have to find one of Maddie to go with it, too. Oh, the choices! Oh the humanity!

Buy them all!

We love we love we love our calendar cats, our pretty plushy funny calendar cats ...