Monday, February 04, 2008

Three Trillion?

The gurlz appear to be appalled at chimpy's excellent new budget.

Stoopid chimpy

Que? how muches? Iz he on crack?

Yes, dear kitty, he probably iz.


War On War Off said...

AND Chimp's slashing Medicare and Medicaid. You know, to save money.

Oh, how I hate the bastard.

Silkey Cat Ross said...

I'z purty 2 ya know! said Ms. Ripley, down below.

Purty, just purty? No, Darling Prettyfoot, U are not purty!

U are absolutely totaly beautiful! U are the beautifulest of kitteh Ladies in the mainland USA. [Alaska has Barry's cats, and Canada has the estimable Henriette.]

Ur ruff will insulate ur sensitive brain from the evil budget of the wicked Bush. Soon we will rule the country, Sweet Ripley, thru the Cat loving Democrats.

We will rewrite the budget to include a Catnip Restoration Program. It will plant catnip on roadsides and empty land all over the country, also subsidize farms to grow vast quantities of the wonderous weed!

DemoCats will rule!

Silkey, hopeful fan

Anonymous said...

Aw, what sweetiez!!