Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Iz Monster Tuesday

Letz me noes when iz over, eh? I jes be cleaning mah pawsies till den.

...or werking on mah fizziks

Oooof. Why iz dere all dese stooopid pundits on mah teevee!

... an when iz dah birrdies gonna come to dat stooopid feeder? I'ze bored.


War On War Off said...

Mebbe stoooopid pundits iz gonna come to stoooopid feeder?

strawhat said...

Looks like Ripley's ruffliciousness blossomed all at once, didn't it? Amazing.

The gurlz are just gorgeous!

Silver Ross said...

Mlle. Madeleine,
When birdies migrate in the spring, maybe they'll be looking out for new places to feed. Then you might see them, loveliest of Kitteh Ladies.

We're excited here because a little songbird is using our hummingbird feeder!!! Our human says it may be a goldfinch, the Auduban Society says they'll drink nectar!

Watch for goldfinches, Darling Maddie. They are small, but yummy looking.

Silver, gourmet fan